Petani Pasar Marabunta (Farmer Market)

Transforming a colonial heritage building to a fish market by providing a circular water source and public local economic values for the community of Bandarharjo, Semarang

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The Marabunta Farmer Market (Petani Pasar) project is a fish market design proposal for water-related integrations in the coastal community of Bandarharjo, Semarang. Located on the north coast of Java, Semarang city was an important port and centre for food trading activities. These local activities, such as fishery, markets, street entertainment, are still parts of Semarang's daily lives. The main problem in the informal urban areas of Semarang is the lack of healthy water infrastructure. Introducing a more green environment is a crucial element in the design proposal; it is a fundamental issue for developing the industrial area that provides income for most of the kampungs inhabitants. The design stimulates the reconnecting living with its scenery. The ecology that used to be the primary support for the economy has lost its value; the groundwater got overexploited, clean water is scarce, the rivers are polluted, the sewage system is unhygienic, and floodings often happens. Additionally, there is a shortage of income for the residents in the kampungs resulting in poor living conditions. The graduation project aims to improve the local work environment in a healthy ecological way. The project invests in promoting the relationship of the community with water and integrates a low tech approach to building technology with local and reused materials. It provides a new source of circular clean water recycled from sewage- and rainwater with environmental and economic profit such as urban farming, a market with street food possibilities and public space that can be flexible and adaptable in extreme flood risk situations.