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Gao, Weilun (author), Shao, Dongdong (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), Nardin, William (author), Rajput, Prateek (author), Yang, W. (author), Sun, Tao (author), Cui, Baoshan (author)
Rivers, regardless of their scales and geographic locations, are characterized with natural and human-induced variability in their discharges. While previous studies have established the effects of both interannual and intra-annual variabilities of unsteady river discharge on delta morphological evolution, the long-term cumulative effects of...
journal article 2019
Gao, Weilun (author), Shao, Dongdong (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author), Nardin, William (author), Yang, Wei (author), Sun, Tao (author), Cui, Baoshan (author)
River mouth bar formation, a key process in fluvial-deltaic morphodynamics, is subject to both river discharge and waves. Given the increasing variability of both forcings under continuous climate change and human interventions, assessing their combined effects on mouth bar formatio n is an imperative issue. In this study, an extensive set of...
journal article 2018
Van Loon, F.D. (author), Pouderoijen, M.T. (author), Alberini, E. (author), Dijkstra, C.M. (author), Hagen, S.R. (author), De Jong, M. (author), Kiliço?lu, I.D. (author), Koukouvelou, A. (author), Mekel, M.L. (author), Schotting, K. (author), Shao, S. (author), Sun, X. (author), Terzi, O. (author), De Waal, W. (author), Van der Wal, I.A. (author), Zhang, B. (author)
Booklet of the elective course AR0048 2014/2015 ‘Landscape Architecture ON site - being part of Oerol’, an elective course of the MSc2 - Chair of Landscape Architecture at the TU Delft.
book 2015