About TU Delft Publications

The TU Delft Publication environment encompasses three repositories, each targeting a different group: Research Repository, Education Repository and Cultural Heritage Repository.

Research Repository

TU Delft Research Repository contains scientific documents that are produced (or collected) by TU Delft researchers. The research documents are stored in a number of collections in order to facilitate the recovery process. The current collections are: Institutional Repository, Conference Proceedings and Hydraulic Engineering Reports. The Institutional Repository contains scientific output from TU Delft researchers and output from researchers that are affiliated with the TU Delft. The Conference Proceedings collection contains a set of papers from conferences that were organised by TU Delft or affiliated organisations. Serious attempts are made to collect all the papers that have been presented at the conferences. The collection of Hydraulic Engineering Reports contains reports collected by researchers from a department of the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.

Education Repository

The Education Repository contains documents that have been created by TU Delft students.The Education Repository has a collection of Student theses containing master theses, bachelor theses and student reports.

Cultural Heritage Repository

The Cultural Heritage Repository stores information about the history of the TU Delft. This repository is “work in progress”. This environment contains descriptions from a set of technical drawings that have been created by TU Delft students between 1920 and 1946, a collection of historical documents from the EFL Foundation, and a set of documents about the administrative reform of the TU Delft in the period 1993-2001.

Work in progress

Two collections have not yet been transferred to this new environment.

Hosted Repositories

TU Delft Library is hosting a number of repositories for third parties.