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Li, Y. (author), McLaughlin, J.B. (author), Kontomaris, K. (author), Portela, L. (author)
This paper presents results for the behavior of particle-laden gases in a small Reynolds number vertical channel down flow. Results will be presented for the effects of particle feedback on the gas-phase turbulence and for the concentration profile of the particles. The effects of density ratio, mass loading, and particle inertia will be...
journal article 2001
Mortensen, P.H. (author), Andersson, H.I. (author), Gillissen, J.J.J. (author), Boersma, B.J. (author)
The dynamical behavior of tiny elongated particles in a directly simulated turbulent flow field is investigated. The ellipsoidal particles are affected both by inertia and hydrodynamic forces and torques. The time evolution of the particle orientation and translational and rotational motions in a statistically steady channel flow is obtained for...
journal article 2008