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Eijkelhof, D. (author), Buendía Vela, Gabriel (author), Schmehl, R. (author)
High aerodynamic efficiency is a key design driver for airborne wind energy systems as it strongly affects the achievable energy output. Conventional fixed-wing systems generally use aerofoils with a high thickness-to-chord ratio to achieve high efficiency and wing loading. The box wing concept suits thinner aerofoils as the load distribution...
journal article 2023
Buendía Vela, Gabriel (author)
Airborne wind energy systems convert the kinetic energy of wind into usable power. In general terms, this power is proportional to the ratio CL<sup>3</sup>/CD<sup>2</sup> of aerodynamic coefficients. From a structural perspective, the thickness-to-chord ratio of conventional AWE wings needs to be high to withstand the high aerodynamic loads. The...
master thesis 2022