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Klein, Julian (author), Song, Zhigang (author), Pingault, B.J. (author), Dirnberger, Florian (author), Chi, Hang (author), Curtis, Jonathan B. (author), Dana, Rami (author), Bushati, Rezlind (author), Quan, Jiamin (author)
Atomic-level defects in van der Waals (vdW) materials are essential building blocks for quantum technologies and quantum sensing applications. The layered magnetic semiconductor CrSBr is an outstanding candidate for exploring optically active defects because of a direct gap, in addition to a rich magnetic phase diagram, including a recently...
journal article 2023
Wong, Chi Hang (author)
Airport has been labelled as a non-place by the French anthropologist Marc Augé, with its place as a limbo filled with a mass of isolated individuals which response to non-human mediations such as boarding screens and signages. Consider together with the automatic trend of mobility as well as the social health trend of non-real life...
master thesis 2019