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Frijns, Ruben (author)
In contrast with other Dutch rivers parts, human measures in the upstream part of the River Meuse did not mainly focus on discharging surplus water, but on retaining water in dry periods. Almost 100 years ago seven weirs were constructed in the River Meuse to enable transport of coals. The structures reach, due to concrete degradation, the end...
master thesis 2019
Frijns, Ruben (author), Kool, Thijs (author), Ramsey, Ashley (author), Rasmioen, nathaniel (author), Sonneveld, Michelle (author), van den Berg, Mario (author)
All around the world floods are a growing problem. Dealing with high water levels in residential areas is of great importance. The delta area of Macabebe, in the Manila Bay, has to cope with daily flooding, caused by the river and the sea. Groundwater is pumped and used for local industry, causing land subsidence and worsening the problems....
student report 2018