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Grigoris, Xenofon (author)
The Xbloc<sup>Plus</sup> (referred to as Xbloc+) is a new, uniformly placed single layer armour unit, developed by Delta Marine Consultants (BAM Infraconsult). Although a breakwater armour layer with Xbloc<sup>Plus</sup> combines material saving and easy placement with increased stability, the transition between the armour layer and the crest is...
master thesis 2019
Areso Rossi, Ainoa (author), Grigoris, Xenofon (author), Moncrieff, Neil (author), Oosterom, Marieke (author), van Overstraten Kruijsse, Femke (author), Suijkens, Sven (author)
Japan and the Netherlands have very different physical, historical and cultural contexts but they share a vulnerability to extreme flood related events and have, in both their (relatively) recent pasts, had to recover from such events: be they the floods of 1953 in the Netherlands or the tsunami that hit Japan’s east coast in 2011. This paper...
student report 2018
ARES MORENO, ALEJANDRA (author), Bader, Daan (author), Dagalaki, Vassia (author), Dijkhuis, Koos (author), Georgiou, Maria (author), Grigoris, Xenofon (author), Janssen, Danny (author), Koevoets, Igor (author), Kralli, Vaso (author), Maroudi, Konstantina (author), NIKOLAIDOU, Lina (author), SAXONI, IOANNA (author), Olsthoorn, thom (author), Sijbesma, Floris (author), Sotiriadou, Alexia (author), Woerlee, Sebastiaan (author)
Since 2003 there is a cooperation between the Hydraulic Engineering department of Delft University of Technology and Bulgarian universities. The cooperation focusses on exchange of knowledge and the development of the coast in the area of Varna. Dutch and Bulgarian students get the possibility to gain experience in data collecting, processing...
student report 2017