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Mohammadi Gheidari, A. (author), Kieft, E. R. (author), Guo, X. (author), Wisse, M. (author), Kruit, P. (author)
In the Multi beam source (MBS) of our Multi Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (MBSEM), an aperture lens array (ALA) splits the emission cone of the Schottky field emitter into multiple beamlets. When the apertures in the ALA are close to each other, the ALA can introduce aberrations to these beamlets through the electrostatic interaction of...
journal article 2023
Kieft, E. (author)
The distance between the elderly and others is very large. This means that you have less to do with each other, know less about each other and this means that the distance is getting bigger all the time. The institutional buildings have a kind of imaginary “boundery” around their building, difficult to get in and to get in touch with the elderly...
master thesis 2020
Weppelman, I.G.C. (author), Moerland, R.J. (author), Zhang, L (author), Kieft, E. (author), Kruit, P. (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author)
Crucial for the field of ultrafast electron microscopy is the creation of sub-picosecond, high brightness electron pulses. The use of a blanker to chop the beam that originates from a high brightness Schottky source may provide an attractive alternative to direct pulsed laser illumination of the source. We have recently presented the concept...
journal article 2019