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Menzen, C.M. (author), Fetter, Marnix (author), Kok, M. (author)
We present a mapping algorithm to compute large-scale magnetic field maps in indoor environments with approximate Gaussian process (GP) regression. Mapping the spatial variations in the ambient magnetic field can be used for 10-calization algorithms in indoor areas. To compute such a map, GP regression is a suitable tool because it provides...
conference paper 2023
Menzen, C.M. (author), Kok, M. (author), Batselier, K. (author)
Multiway data often naturally occurs in a tensorial format which can be approximately represented by a low-rank tensor decomposition. This is useful because complexity can be significantly reduced and the treatment of large-scale data sets can be facilitated. In this paper, we find a low-rank representation for a given tensor by solving a...
journal article 2022