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Wang, Feifei (author), Hua, Yulin (author), Pan, Jiazheng (author), Zhou, Jie (author), Hea, Chiquan (author), Hofman, J.A.M.H. (author), Chu, Wenhai (author), van der Hoek, J.P. (author)
In drinking water treatment plants (DWTPs), the widely used biological activated carbon filters (BACFs), as the last barrier before disinfection, can remove dissolved organic matter (DOM) known as precursors of disinfection by-products (DBPs). Whether phosphate addition can improve water purification and DBP control of BACFs is still...
journal article 2023
Wang, Feifei (author), Pan, Jiazheng (author), Hu, Yulin (author), Zhou, Jie (author), Wang, Haoqian (author), Huang, Xin (author), Chu, Wenhai (author), van der Hoek, J.P. (author)
Biological activated carbon (BAC) filtration is usually considered to be able to decrease formation potentials (FPs) of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in drinking water treatment plant (DWTP). However, BAC filters with long running time may release microbial metabolites to effluents and therefore increase FPs of nitrogenous DBPs with high...
journal article 2022