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van Westen, B. (author), de Vries, S. (author), Reniers, A.J.H.M. (author), den Bieman, Joost P. (author), Hoonhout, B.M. (author), Rauwoens, P. (author), van Puijenbroek, M.E.B. (author)
In order to improve the current aeolian modeling, a process-based model is developed by implementing biological and physical processes adapted from different existing models. The current version of the model is capable of simulating barchan and parabolic dunes and the initial stage of coastal dune formation: Embryo dunes. Potentially the model...
conference paper 2019
Van Oyen, T. (author), Suzuki, T. (author), Zijlema, M. (author), Rauwoens, P. (author), Troch, P. (author)
conference paper 2012