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Bellos, Vasilis (author), Kourtis, Ioannis (author), Raptaki, Eirini (author), Handrinos, S. (author), Kalogiros, John (author), Sibetheros, Ioannis A. (author), Tsihrintzis, Vassilios A. (author)
The present work deals with the reconstruction of the flood wave that hit Mandra town (Athens, Greece) on 15 November 2017, using the framework of forensic hydrology. The flash flood event was caused by a huge storm event with a high level of spatial and temporal variability, which was part of the Medicane Numa-Zenon. The reconstruction...
journal article 2022
Bellos, Vasilis (author), Kourtis, Ioannis M. (author), Moreno Rodenas, A. (author), Tsihrintzis, Vassilios A. (author)
A methodology is presented which can be used in the evaluation of parametric uncertainty in urban flooding simulation. Due to the fact that such simulations are time consuming, the following methodology is proposed: (a) simplification of the description of the physical process; (b) derivation of a training data set; (c) development of a data...
journal article 2017