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Anonymus, A. (author)
1 The Swiss Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (Probst Thomas, Hohmann Roland, Koellner-Heck Pamela) 2 Adaptation to Water-Related Disasters Caused by Extreme Weather Conditions (Takara Kaoru) 3 The Application of Macro Scale Distributed Hydrological Model in Runoff Simulation of JiaLingJiang River Basin (Junliang Jin, Guoqing Wang,...
report 2011
de Bruin, D. (author)
Beschrijving van het uitvoeren van het beheer van de Rijntakken (bovenrivieren), Rijnkanalisatie, Afvoerregime, hoogwatervoorspelling, dijkverzwaringen, koelwater, splitsingspunten, zandtransport in de rivier, scheepvaartaspecten, betonning, oeververdediging, baggerwerken, recreatie, etc.
report 1982
Berdenis van Berlekom, H.A. (author)
It is the task and target of River Engineering as a profession to provide all the tools for arriving at an optimum utilization of the potential resources, optimum in the sense of promoting the beneficial characteristics of the river and eliminating or at least checking the adverse qualities. To strive for this aim, there must be a scientific...
report 1969