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Suijlen, J.M. (author), Duin, R.N.M. (author)
Suspended matter in the water column governs the under water light climate and is thus an important factor for life in the sea. Next to nutrients, light is essential for the growth of phytoplankton and in this way for the food chain in the sea. Suspended matter concentrations are highly variable in time and space. Thus it is very hard to assess...
report 2002
Van Rijn, L.C. (author), Grasmeijer, B.T. (author), Ruessink, B.G. (author)
Field measurements of hydrodynamics (fluid velocities and wave height), sediment dynamics (sand concentrations) and morphodynamics (bar behaviour) as performed during the COAST3D campaigns at the Egmond site in 1998 and at the Teignmouth site in 1999 inevitably involve the problem of the accuracy of the measured variables. The measurement errors...
report 2000