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Li, Shenyang (author)
This thesis describes the design of a 3rd order 1-bit delta-sigma modulator whose input-signal range (0 to 1.95V) exceeds its supply voltage (1.2V). By using a passive input stage and a single-OTA resonator, this beyond-the-rails modulator realizes a 3rd order loop filter with only two amplifiers instead of the usual three and thus achieves...
master thesis 2023
Jiang, H. (author), Nihtianova, S. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
This paper describes an energy-efficient bridge readout IC (ROIC), which consists of a capacitively coupled instrumentation amplifier (CCIA) that drives a continuous-time delta–sigma modulator (CTM). By exploiting the CCIA’s ability<br/>to block dc common-mode voltages, the bridge’s bias voltage may exceed the ROIC’s supply voltage, allowing...
journal article 2019
Xu, L. (author), Huijsing, J.H. (author), Makinwa, K.A.A. (author)
This paper presents a fully integrated shunt-based current sensor that supports a 25-V input common-mode range while operating from a single 1.5-V supply. It uses a highvoltage beyond-the-rails ADC to directly digitize the voltage across an on-chip shunt resistor. To compensate for the shunt’s large temperature coefficient of resistance (∼0.335%...
journal article 2018