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van der Heijden, Roald (author), van Wijngaarden, Matthijs (author), Zonneveld, Wouter (author)
CodeFeedr is a Mining Software Repository (MSR) tool designed to efficiently mine massive amounts of streaming data of projects from various sources using Flinkā€™s streaming framework in combination with Kafka. Commissioned by researchers at TU Delft on the field of Data Science and Software Engineering, the goal of this project was to expand...
bachelor thesis 2020
Kuijpers, Jos (author), Quist, Joris (author), Zorgdrager, Wouter (author)
CodeFeedr is a research project at the software engineering division of the Delft University of Technology in collaboration with the Software Improvement Group. The research focuses on a software infrastructure which serves software practitioners in utilizing data-driven decision making. Currently, frameworks like Apache Flink are capable of...
bachelor thesis 2018