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Dijkshoorn, José (author)
The objective of this project is to design a product or product-service combination to encourage agricultural entrepreneurs to make sustainable decisions based on their decision-making process. This assignment was set up in collaboration with LTO Noord and the DAW to find what is withholding farmers from implementing sustainable agricultural...
master thesis 2023
van Dijk, R. (author), Intriago Zambrano, J.C. (author), Diehl, J.C. (author), Ertsen, M.W. (author)
Despite extensive research on farmers’ constraints and decisions, technology developers, policymakers and development organizations still encounter difficulties in relating policies to farmers’ strategies. Often, the concept of ‘smallholders’ is applied as explaining and predicting farmers’ decisions – suggesting that specific strategies of...
journal article 2022
van Dijk, Ruben (author)
Despite the strong emphasis on irrigation development in Southern Africa, different initiatives from technology developers, policy developers and development organizations to encourage water transport technology adoption have often been disappointing. The lack of long-term success can partly be contributed to a mismatch between farmer realities...
master thesis 2020