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Ponnusami, S.A. (author), Krishnasamy, J. (author), Turteltaub, S.R. (author), van der Zwaag, S. (author)
A computational fracture analysis is conducted on a self-healing particulate composite employing a finite element model of an actual microstructure. The key objective is to quantify the effects of the actual morphology and the fracture properties of the healing particles on the overall mechanical behaviour of the (MoSi2) particle-dispersed...
journal article 2019
Edens, Maike (author)
The fracture properties of natural materials often outperform artificial material properties. This could be explained by their complex multi-scale (anisotropic) hard-soft material structure, starting at a nano-scale. The interest in the fabrication of complex biomimetic hard-soft materials and interfaces is growing due to their high fracture...
master thesis 2018
Ponnusami, S.A. (author), Pathan, Mehtab V. (author), Erice, Borja (author), Petrinic, Nik (author)
The objective of this research is to explore the effect of microstructural defects on the mechanical properties of fiber reinforced composites. In particular, two kinds of defects are considered in the study, namely, matrix pores and interface precracks. Three-dimensional (3-D) finite element analyses are conducted on Representative Volume...
conference paper 2017