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Thimmapa, Pradeepthi (author)
Contemporary project-based organisations recognise the importance of leveraging past project knowledge for competitive advantage. By leveraging the lessons learned from previous and ongoing projects, organisations can benefit from managing learning within and across projects effectively. Despite these benefits, challenges persist in effectively...
master thesis 2024
Ranar Taraditya Wahyudhi, Ranar (author)
As part of engineering projects, turnaround maintenance (TAM) projects also still suffer the issue of reusing knowledge across projects. Although TAM projects have a recurring character, the TAM projects’ schedule performance is still frequently unmet. It is also revealed that rework is one of the causes of TAM schedule overruns. Hence, this...
master thesis 2021
Anninos, P. (author)
In the contemporary business world, more and more organizations especially in the engineering domain structure their working processes around projects. These organizations are called project-based-organizations (PBOs) and have established distinct work processes to successfully execute the projects that they undertake. The working processes in...
master thesis 2012