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Fokkink, R.J. (author), Papavassiliou, Symeon (author), Pelekis, Christos (author)
Let S and X be independent random variables, assuming values in the set of non-negative integers, and suppose further that both E(S) and E(X) are integers satisfying E(S) ≥ E(X). We establish a sufficient condition for the tail probability P(S ≥ E(S)) to be larger than the tail P(S + X ≥ E(S + X)), when the mean of S is equal to the mode.
journal article 2022
van Weelderen, Guus (author)
The objective of this study is to strengthen literature about cyclist safety and help prevent bicycle crashes in the future. It looks into the gap about the relation between the obstacle space of cycling infrastructure (that involves the space that is available for cyclists to avoid crashes with the obstacles therein) and the visibility thereof,...
master thesis 2020