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Slingerland, Kylian (author)
For the renovation of the Suurhoff bridge, Arup decided to design and propose a new, innovative strengthening scheme, which improves the fatigue performance of the bridge deck and extends the design life of the bridge by at least 15 years. In this strengthening scheme, a steel plate is placed on top of the existing deck plate with a layer of...
master thesis 2022
van den Berg, Niels (author)
Orthotropic steel decks (OSDs) are susceptible to fatigue failure due to cyclic loading by heavy traffic passing the deck. These cyclic loads can cause fatigue cracks in the rib-to-deck joint. In and around the joint residual stresses are present due to the welding process. In this thesis, the effects of residual stresses on the fatigue crack...
master thesis 2020
Simarmata, Reiner (author)
Digital Image Correlation is a cheap and easy to use measurement method that has been proved to characterise any solid material parameters up to plastic deformation range. The digital image correlation measurement system is based on the tracking of a collective number of pixels from the surface of the reference image to the deformed image. This...
master thesis 2017