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Gusheva, E. (author), Gjorgievski, Vladimir (author), Grncarovska, Teodora Obradovic (author), Markovska, Natasa (author)
The impact of waste policies and measures from National Determined Contributions (NDCs) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is unexamined and creates conditions for policy conflict and incoherence. This participatory case study of North Macedonia quantifies synergies and trade-offs. Our results show twelve times more synergies than trade...
journal article 2022
Grappin, Marie (author)
Massively reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is one of the biggest challenges of the 21th century. An important deployment of Renewable Energies (RE) can be a key element in attaining this objective. Setting a (high) carbon price would greatly help as it would send a powerful signal to RE investors that it is time to switch from high...
master thesis 2019