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Kline, Keith L. (author), Msangi, Siwa (author), Dale, Virginia H. (author), Woods, Jeremy (author), Souza, Glaucia m. (author), Osseweijer, P. (author), Clancy, Joy S. (author), Hilbert, Jorge A. (author), Johnson, Francis X. (author), Mcdonnell, Patrick C. (author), Mugera, Harriet K. (author)
Understanding the complex interactions among food security, bioenergy sustainability, and resource management requires a focus on specific contextual problems and opportunities. The United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals place a high priority on food and energy security; bioenergy plays an important role in achieving both goals....
journal article 2017
Van den Noort, J.A.R. (author)
Global poverty is still an ongoing problem, leading to human tragedies and various related problems. Rich nations become rich faster than the poor nations develop. As a result, despite large efforts in the development aid sector, inequality in the world has increased over the last decades and the absolute share of poor nations in a growing...
doctoral thesis 2011