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Ahmadi Dastjerdi, A. (author), Astolfi, Alessandro (author), Saikumar, N. (author), Karbasizadeh, Nima (author), Valerio, Duarte (author), Hassan HosseinNia, S. (author)
This article introduces a closed-loop frequency analysis tool for reset control systems. To begin with sufficient conditions for the existence of the steady-state response for a closed-loop system with a reset element and driven by periodic references are provided. It is then shown that, under specific conditions, such a steady-state response...
journal article 2023
Ahmadi Dastjerdi, A. (author)
Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controllers dominate the industry and are used in more than 90 percent of machines in this era. One of the reason for the popularity of these controllers is the existence of easy to use frequency-domain analysis tools such as loop-shaping for this type of controller. Due to the advancement of technology in...
doctoral thesis 2021
Ahmadi Dastjerdi, A. (author), Hassan HosseinNia, S. (author)
Constant in gain Lead in phase (CgLp) compensators, which are a type of reset elements, have shown high potential to overcome limitations of linear control systems. There are few works which investigate the tuning of these compensators. However, there are some significant drawbacks which make those methods unreliable. First, their analyses...
journal article 2021