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Ghorbani, Amineh (author)
Institutional modelling is a branch of agent-based modelling and simulation (ABMS) that pays special attention to the social structure by incorporating institutions into these models. Institutions, in this regard, are the rules of the system that shape individual behaviour and interaction. Institutional modelling can make use of the...
journal article 2022
van Nes, A. (author), Yamu, Claudia (author)
In previous chapters, we demonstrated various analytic techniques focusing on the spatial aspects of the built environment. In this chapter, we discuss various methods and techniques for collecting qualitative and quantitative data dealing with human behaviour and how to connect such data to the results from various space syntax analyses. This...
book chapter 2021
Peters, T. (author)
Differences in interpretation occur in everyday life. In projects, a set of requirements is developed to achieve a defined goal. Specifying these requirements may establish consensus on how to turn requirements into a preferred solution. However, this consensus achieved cannot hold. We argue that the perceptions, or ‘Modes’ actors have also...
master thesis 2016