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Zwinkels, Anouk (author)
<b>Introduction</b>: Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an important therapeutic option for various neurological diseases. For certain indications the optimal target cannot be identified on structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but can be visualized with tractography. A recent improvement for clinical practice is the probabilistic...
master thesis 2023
Zhang, Jiadi (author)
In this thesis, the joint DOA-range estimation of stationary targets is investigated using multiple FMCW MIMOs with super-resolution capability. To address the low azimuth resolution problem of single small MIMO, a novel topology of array is used, which consists of multiple MIMOs arranged along the azimuth to increase azimuth resolution by...
master thesis 2019
Feng, Ruoyu (author)
Automotive radar is widely used for driving safety support and it is a key element of future autonomous vehicles. Radar sensors have the property that the performance is not to be affected by low vision conditions compared with camera sensors or laser based radar sensors, which makes it crucial for the autonomous driving system.<br/><br/...
master thesis 2017