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van de Graaff, R.C. (author)
This report deals with the results of an experimental program designed to validate a model of the human observer and decision maker formulated in terms of linear estimation and classical sequential decision theory. The experiment comprised a variety of monitoring tasks in which the subjects had to detect and diagnose the occurrence of ramp...
report 1982
Smit, J. (author)
During a visual approach to landing a pilot uses cues in the visual scene for the control of aircraft attitude and flight path. The accuracy with which some relevant display elements can "be set at a desired, nominal, position was determined in an experiment via the phychophysical "method of adjustment". Furthermore relevant literature with...
report 1978
Wewerinke, P.H. (author)
This paper deals with a theoretical framework describing human operator's participation in manned vehicle systems. Herewith, the human operator is described in terms commensurate with those used for other system elements, which is desirable because of the complex interaction between human functioning and his task environment (e.g. cockpit i...
report 1976