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Tejedor-Romero, Marino (author), Murukannaiah, P.K. (author), Gimenez-Guzman, Jose Manuel (author), Marsa-Maestre, Ivan (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
Channel allocation in dense, decentralized Wi-Fi networks is a challenging due to the highly nonlinear solution space and the difficulty to estimate the opponent’s utility model. So far, only centralized or mediated approaches have succeeded in applying negotiation to this setting. We propose the first two fully-distributed negotiation...
conference paper 2023
Bon, M.P. (author), den Duijn, X.A. (author), Dukai, B. (author), Griffioen, S.J. (author), Kang, Y. (author), Vermeer, M. (author)
Location is a key element of many processes and activities, and the understanding of human movement behaviour is becoming increasingly important. Knowledge of people’s locations and related mobility patterns are important for numerous activities, such as urban planning, transport planning and facility management. How to efficiently use the...
student report 2016
Zhang, N. (author)
The Wireless Lighting Control System has drawn intensive attention in the recent years due to the potential for huge cost savings as well as increased convenience. Commonly seen Wireless Lighting Control Systems utilize Zigbee, KNX and Z-WAVE; whereas little attention has been given to Wi-Fi because of unsolved limitations. The purpose of this...
master thesis 2012