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Johannessen, J. (author), MacLennan, A. (author), Blue, A. (author), Waggoner, J. (author), Williams, S. (author), Gerstel, W. (author), Barnard, R. (author), Carman, R. (author), Shipman, H. (author)
The Marine Shoreline Design Guidelines is one of a series of guidance documents being developed by the Aquatic Habitat Guidelines (AHG) Program.Guidelines developed in the AHG program employ an integrated approach to marine, freshwater, and riparian habitat protection and restoration. That is, they seek to protect and restore the structure and...
report 2014
Waterman, R.E. (author)
The thesis which appears here is excerpted from the book Integrated Coastal Zone Development via Building with NatureĀ® (Waterman 2008a, 2008b). Although this approach was first applied in the Netherlands, it has gradually been recognized worldwide as a harmonious means of creating land areas for living, working, tourism & recreation, and...
doctoral thesis 2010
Anonymous, A. (author)
The Coastline Hazard Policy is but one of a range of Government policies and initiatives relating to the coastal zone. Many of these are outlined in the NSW Coast: Government Policy. Decisions regarding the management of coastline hazards must be consideredin relation to all these policies and initiatives. In applying the Coastline Hazard Policy...
report 1990