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Karpenko, O. (author), Oterkus, Selda (author), Oterkus, Erkan (author)
This study presents a numerical approach for modelling the Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth (CFCG) in conventional casting and additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloys. The proposed numerical model, based on Peridynamics (PD), combines the PD Fatigue Crack Growth (FCG) model and PD diffusion model in order to couple the mechanical and diffusion...
journal article 2022
De Rijck, J.J.M. (author)
The two historical fuselage failures, Comet in 1954 and Aloha in 1988, illustrate that similar accidents must be avoided which requires a profound understanding of the fatigue mechanisms involved, including analytical models to predict the fatigue behavior of riveted joints of a fuselage structure. The scope of the research project covers a...
doctoral thesis 2005