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van Zwieten, G.J. (author)
A vital component in the management of seismic hazard is the study of past seismic events. Classically, this has been the domain of seismology, which studies the dynamic manifestations of the event to infer properties such as epicenter and moment magnitude. More recently it has become possible to perform similar analyses on the basis of the...
doctoral thesis 2023
van Zwieten, GJ (author), van Brummelen, E. Harald (author), Hanssen, R.F. (author)
Earthquakes cause lasting changes in static equilibrium, resulting in global deformation fields that can be observed. Consequently, deformation measurements such as those provided by satellite based InSAR monitoring can be used to infer an earthquake's faulting mechanism. This inverse problem requires a numerical forward model that is both...
journal article 2022