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Salinas Rodriquez, Sergio (author), van de Giesen, N.C. (author), McClain, M.E. (author)
Environmental flow (eflow) reference values play a key role in environmental water science and practice. In Mexico, eflow assessments are set by a norm in which the frequency of occurrence is the managing factor to integrate inter-annual and seasonal flow variability components into environmental water reserves. However, the frequency parameters...
journal article 2022
Salinas Rodriquez, Sergio (author), Sánchez-Navarro, Rafael (author), Barrios-Ordóñez, J. Eugenio (author)
Hydrological methodologies are the most efficient approaches for environmental flow (eflow) assessments. This paper presents a hydrological methodology for determining eflows in rivers with scarce development to promote proactive environmental water allocations that limit flow alteration and unsustainable water use. The analysis includes the...
journal article 2020