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Rampeltshammer, Wolfgang (author), Keemink, Arvid (author), Sytsma, Menno (author), van Asseldonk, Edwin (author), van der Kooij, H. (author)
Series elastic actuators (SEA) with their inherent compliance offer a safe torque source for robots that are interacting with various environments, including humans. These applications have high requirements for the SEA torque controllers, both in the torque response as well as interaction behavior with its environment. To differentiate state...
journal article 2023
van Gent, R.N.H.W. (author)
The experiments described had three main objectives: First, to validate the recommendations for an improved Man Machine Interface (MMI) design based on a Phase I experiment on the human factors of data link in glass cockpits. Second, to investigate the effect of directly loading data linked Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions into the various...
report 1995
van Hulzen, J.J.P. (author)
The informatics policy at NLR is focussed on providing an infrastructure for the development of information systems. A new component in the infrastructure is the method base system, designed to support the management and use of algorithm implemented in programs. The preliminary design analyses the functions of the method base system and...
report 1987