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de Ridder, Tim (author)
Enhancing and expanding public transportation is becoming a crucial solution to the high costs of congestion and the escalating environmental impacts of car-centric transportation systems observed in numerous cities today. One approach to enhance the quality of public transportation, and thereby boosting its ridership, is through the intelligent...
master thesis 2023
van Oosterom, Simon (author)
In this thesis, we consider investment optimization for airport infrastructure which is required charge and refuel electric and hydrogen powered aircraft using battery and hydrogen canister swaps respectively. The task at hand is to determine the most cost-effective infrastructure, consisting of spare batteries, and battery chargers for electric...
master thesis 2021
Roos, Daniƫlle (author)
To reduce the CO2 emissions of the maritime industry, several alternative fuels are being researched to possibly achieve this goal. The absence of an infrastructure for alternative fuels in the current port environment is one of the barriers towards implementation of these high potential fuels. The goal of this thesis project was to create an...
master thesis 2020