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Rahman, S.M.A. (author), Borst, C. (author), Mulder, M. (author), Van Paassen, M.M. (author)
This research investigates the use of Solution Space Diagram (SSD) as a measure of sector complexity and also as a predictor of performance and workload, focusing on the scenarios regarding Air Traffic Controller (ATCO)’s ability to detect future conflicts. A human-in-the-loop experiment with varying intercept angle within the same sector layout...
journal article 2015
Abdul Rahman, S.M.B. (author)
Various methods have been introduced in the past in efforts to optimize airspace sector design and the allocation of air traffic controllers. This is done with the aim to accommodate growth, increase productivity and most importantly to ensure safety of air traffic. To accomplish this, a more comprehensive understanding of human workload,...
doctoral thesis 2014