Mechanical properties of 3D printed CMT-WAAM 316 LSi stainless steel walls

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The use of 3D printed stainless steel requires a deep knowledge of its mechanical properties. This paper presents material characterisation of 316LSi austenitic stainless-steel coupons manufactured by CMT-WAAM, considering different deposition directions. The specimens were tested according to ISO 6892-1, the fractures surfaces were examined by SEM for machined and as-built conditions. The material was subject to hardness test and deep microstructural analyses, to assess the anisotropy in material properties at the micro and macro scales, respectively. A thermal analysis performed by infrared thermography of the material deposition in CMT-WAAM was also performed to establish the influence of the temperature evolution (versus time and position) on the microstructural and mechanical properties of the deposited walls. Finally, a statistical assessment was carried out, including results available in the literature and a material model available in the literature was adjusted to the test results, enabling to conclude that it is possible of accurately reproducing the uniaxial stress-strain behaviour, therefore providing a necessary input for the design of steel structures with 3D printed stainless steel.