Zonal Day-Ahead Energy Market

A Modified Version of the IEEE 39-bus Test System

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The increasing penetration of renewable energy resources (RES) in transmission system operating conditions require a suitable test system and a dataset to cope with current issues. RES penetration remarkably affects day-ahead market outcomes regarding zonal prices and dispatched generation levels. For this purpose, zonal day-ahead energy market models in the presence of RES in the generation mix need to be implemented. In this paper, the IEEE 39-bus system has been suitably modified to include solar and wind generation in the traditional generation mix. Hourly time series are used to define load profiles and wind and solar power generation. The zonal day-ahead market (ZDAM) resolution is simulated by solving a Linear Programming optimization problem employing Pyomo. Furthermore, steady-state nodal analysis is carried out using DIgSILENT PowerFactory, performed over a year horizon.