Design of a Hybrid Tunable Magnet Actuator with increased dynamic capabilities

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To increase the accuracy of high-precision motion systems, the heat dissipation in electromagnetic actuators must be reduced to limit thermal expansion. Variable Reluctance Actuators have a high-frequency bandwidth but suffer from heating when providing high forces for sustained periods of time. Tunable Magnet Actuators can provide a large force endlessly without the need for constant energy input. The efficient frequency bandwidth of the Tunable Magnet Actuator is a limiting factor, Therefore, a combination of the two techniques is proposed to deliver efficient, high-frequency actuation at a wide range of forces. A design is proposed that integrates a drive coil and tunable magnet into a single magnetic circuit to maximize the motor constants. The new Hybrid Tunable Magnet Actuator allows for tracking of high-frequency signals and has reduced heat dissipation for signals that are offset from zero.