Investigating the potential of load and power control on a VAWT through active pitch control in 2D

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Within this thesis influence of thrust vectoring for VAWTs, controlling the magnitude and direction of the thrust vector with respect to the freestream, is investigated through active pitch actuation. The H-type Darrieus VAWT is modelled in 2D through the actuator cylinder model with the Mod-Lin correction included. The evaluations are performed through a generic turbine representation, which has the radial surface loading prescribed and is in absence of a tangential load, and a turbine representation of the PitchVAWT wind tunnel model with active pitch control at TU Delft. Results indicated that both VAWT representations in 2D can have significantly lower relative losses than the most optimal yawed HAWT in 3D, where further 3D computations on VAWTs will have to indicate what remains of this advantage.