Investigation of travel behaviour on a multimodal Mobility-as-a-Service hub within a closed user area

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Hely has developed Mobility as a Service (MaaS) through multimodal Hubs,
which are offered within closed-user residential areas and made accessible
through an application. This exploratory study aims to assess people’s mobility
behaviour by the usage of Hely in a closed user group. It focused on two
aspects: the indication of (1) the community and (2) the use on the hubs by this
community. The community is characterized by mainly innovative bike- and
public transport-minded young professionals that seek a flexible and
convenient service. The motivation to use Hubs for its multimodality is
currently not widely supported by the community. Moreover, the Hubs reveal
travel behaviour with the shared (e-)car in its centre, independent of all trip
characteristics. Therefore, it can be concluded that currently a multimodal
MaaS-Hub mainly eases accessibility of cars for individuals that do not use
one often, which emphasizes the car as a lasting dominant factor within the
current mobility market.