The Synergy Platform - Inspring collaborative behaviour in a corporate venturing environment

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This thesis focuses on improving the performance of ventures through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Many huge multinational companies are struggling to keep their innovation funnel filled and to transform their ventures into successful new businesses. One of the challenges that Internal Corporate Ventures are facing is the lack of overview of which capabilities and what activities other ventures have or are performing. Using gamification, the Synergy platform aims to create more transparency in the venturing environment. The three main challenges to lack of collaborative behaviour in the venturing environment are tackled through the platform. These challenges are (1) finding knowledge, (2) finding experts and (3) sharing knowledge. However, there is still a catch-22 when introducing such a platform; “when there is not content, no one will use the platform, however, when no one is using the platform, no content will be added”. In order to breach this catch-22, two roadmaps have been designed. The engagement roadmap focuses on engaging users to actively contribute to the platform while the technical roadmap takes care of the feasibility of the platform.