The Schiekadeblok as an Urban Machine

The Urban Theatre

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How can the design of a physical space be adaptive? Especially now that we are in a time in which our environments get less and less permanent and more changeable, as a result of the digital era. (How) Can the design of a physical space adapt to this phenomenon? How can we create a space that is less permanent and able to adapt to different times, trends, activities or events? We as human beings have been extremely adaptive to the changes that the digitalization has brought to our way of life; so why not the built environment? Why should the physical environment and architecture remain so permanent, in a time so changeable and a time which is characterized by temporality? These are questions that triggered me during my graduation work and resulted in a design that elaborates through multiple scales on the theme of ‘adaptability’ and more specific on the ‘movability’ of physical spatial settings; an 'urban machine' that is able to adapt, respond and adjust to different times, events or activities.