Compensation Grouting

Laboratory Experiments in Sand

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The Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South Line) is a 9.5 kilometers long metro line tunnel bored underground through the historical city centre of Amsterdam. The Tunnel Bore Machine (TBM) will initiate unacceptable settlement of monumental buildings in the surroundings. At these locations, mitigating measures are defined. One of the measures that will be used is compensating grouting. Compensation grouting is a technique where from a vertical shaft horizontal injection pipes will be brought into the soil underneath the foundation of the protected building. A pump will inject the soil with grout (water cement mixture) through injection points. The main objective of this research is to set up an experiment where, by means of grout injection, the geometry and the propagation of a grout fracture in sand can be examined. An analytical model has been made in a previous research to describe the propagation and stagnation of a fracture. The experiments can validate this model.