Complex Coastal Systems

Transdisciplinary learning on international case studies

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The transdisciplinary research synthesised in this book represents an endeavour by a group of coastal researchers and policy analysts to learn from a cross-comparison of seven international case studies on tidal inlet or estuary mouth management situations, located in South Africa, Sri Lanka, California, Suriname, Ireland and the Netherlands. The conceptual framing is provided by a focus on systems knowledge and its development and use within coastal management.

This book is intended for:
• Transdisciplinary scholars who are interested in interdisciplinary learning and knowledge exchange,
• Policy analysts, environmental historians and coastal policy specialists who are interested in the role of science in the evolution of coastal policy and management,
• Coastal scientists and engineers interested in the dynamics of tidal inlets and estuary mouths,
• Coastal managers looking to learn about tidal inlet and mouth management practices
• Educators focussed on interdisciplinary skills or interested in using the case studies in coastal, management and engineering classes or as the basis for problem structuring exercises by policy students, and
• Students interested in coastal systems management and wanting to broaden their interdisciplinary competence.

We trust that this endeavour will inspire others to undertake transdisciplinary learning and contribute to wise coastal research and practice.