Smoothen the transition of ‘being awake’ into ‘falling asleep’ aided by an environment, for people who suffer from sleep deprivation

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According to the literature, sleep deprivation is becoming more common among women between the age of 35-54. These women are easily affected by stress due to their peculiar hormonal, familial and social conditions. Their lifestyle rhythm is shifting towards a 24/7 time-schedule where there is a massive presence of technologies and stressful factors during each moment of the day. This ‘modern’ way of living has a major influence on their lives and in particular affects the sleeping preparation phase of the day (corresponding to the 2-3 hours before sleeping) when the body starts to produce the hormone melatonin that prepares in falling asleep.

Maya, is a future vision on how technology could empower women who are suffering from sleep deprivation in conducting a consistent routine during the 2-3 hours before sleeping, through moments of awareness and motivation. The final design involves a journey during the 2-3 hours before falling asleep aided by different sceneries of environment within the house. To help smoothening the transition from being awake into falling asleep.