Reconceptualising the Periphery

A regional restructuring proposal for Northern New Jersey to catalyse its economic, cultural and environmental capacities from an integrative metropolitan perspective

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This thesis proposes an Integral, inter-municipal planning/governance and regeneration framework for Northern New Jersey (North Jersey), a major sub-region of the New York metropolitan region facing major urbanisation challenges, namely socio-economic transformations and mobility gaps. The aim is to present a counter proposal seeking to directly engage operational gaps between local socio-spatial conditions and path-dependent regional/municipal planning processes prioritising Smart Growth(a US version of the Compact City)/ TOD and high-level economic growth. Current socio-spatial outcomes of this mismatch are oft en generic developments that ignore or displace existing communities and/or fail to enhance local spatial fabrics. Focusing on TOD-based urban regeneration, the thesis presents the case that improving the linkage between planning processes and socio-spatial outcomes through an integrative governance/planning framework is the key to ensuring the developmental stability of North Jersey and other sub-regions within the New York area.