3D Cadastre in Singapore

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Property rights have always been shown in 2D with the surface parcel being the fundamental representation of ownership. Complex 3D situations, interlocking properties, multi-levelled train station, underground rock caverns are all immediate but unresolved challenges for us in Singapore. Volumetric parcels such as strata subdivision, subterranean and airspace parcels are currently recorded and represented in 2D plans. Is the 2D system adequate to delineate complex multi-levelled development that we see in Singapore today? Is the 2D information recorded sufficient for stakeholders? As the custodian of authoritative cadastral boundaries in Singapore, there is a great responsibility on Singapore Land Authority to uphold the integrity of the cadastre. Ultimately, the public is depending on SLA to provide accurate and reliable cadastral survey records. The objective of this paper is to describe the current state of the cadastre system in Singapore and the need for implementing a 3D cadastre system. It will also discuss the real world scenarios related to volumetric ownership, examine the driver for 3D cadastre and outline the plan going forward.


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