A future vision of Eindhoven Airbase

Giving growth a strategic direction towards 2050

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This Master thesis is about a future vision of Eindhoven Airbase, where growth is given a strategic direction towards 2050. As a result, a strategic innovation roadmap and the detailed implementation of this is evaluated.

Eindhoven Airbase is part of a complex decision-making system, where multiple stakeholders are involved. The research in this thesis provided insights about the wants and needs of the internal- and external stakeholders and shows relevant trends and developments concerning the (military) aviation context. The design challenge is formulated as follows: “How can Eindhoven Airbase create sustainable operations towards 2050?”. This design challenge is tackled by the Vision in Product Design approach (Hekkert & van Dijk, 2011), where a context vision for Eindhoven Airbase in 2050 is created. The context vision resulted in a concept, containing three specific recommendations for Eindhoven Airbase and two external stakeholders, namely Eindhoven Airport and Eindhoven city. These recommendations (i.e. centred coordination, a specified circular economy and joint innovation team) are included in the strategic innovation roadmap.