Measuring (Oblique) Wave Run-Up and Overtopping with Laser Scanners

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Wave overtopping is commonly measured using overtopping tanks. In this paper, an alternative system is developed by using two laser scanners. It measures wave run-up, as well as layer thicknesses and front velocities, both during normally and obliquely incident waves on a dike in the field. The paper considers the first field validation tests with the system, with normal and oblique waves generated by the wave run-up simulator on a grass dike slope. Furthermore, a range of environmental conditions are simulated, to determine the robustness of the system. From the measured distance and reflection, the run-up is determined, which corresponds well to the observed run-up. From the data, the layer thickness and front velocity are determined as well. Layer thicknesses and front velocities are determined reliably with the laser scanners. Also, the (virtual) wave overtopping discharge can be calculated, which corresponds well with the most commonly used overtopping